Lego Wind Turbine

A couple of months ago a local company that services and repairs wind turbines - GNL Service – contacted me me with an idea. They wanted a small present they could give their clients. And what better present, than a mini turbine made out of Lego?

After a couple of hours playing around in LDD I ended up with the design shown below.


It is a very simple design consisting only of 26 pieces.

Since its Lego, the client should obviously get the joy of putting the turbine together. So a simple manual has been created and is added to each small present package.

I have now sent off the first order of a 100 turbines, and have already received an order for a 100 more.

The Dark Knight Rises Lego Poster

You might think that since we posted very little in past few months our LEGO passion had to be put aside or life got better of us.

In truth we had a BIG project going on behind the scenes which we could not openly write about until it was completed.

Lego Dark Knigh Rises Poster_byBrickForest

Now, 18000 bricks later, Double Negative – a vfx studio from London, has a new artwork on their wall.And it’s nothing more or less than a LEGO version of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie poster.

So how did this come about?

We had the idea for quite a while. We chose this poster over others to keep the colour pallet to a minimum. With the large orders we would have to put through, it made it that much easier to manage.

While we scouted the market for pieces we approached the vfx studio with the idea.  Our plan was to get the employees involved in the crowd-funding and the building of the mosaic. Once finished it would stay as permanent display.

The project received green light from management and the crowd-funding got under way. We hit our target and peoples interest and enthusiasm exceeded our hopes (Thanks Carlos!). Moreover, everyone that sponsored a plate was keen to build their bit!

RaceCarlos (left) organised the biggest fund-raising event, a Mini-Z Race.

We put the orders through for the bricks and sat down to determine how we would manage the eager beckers.

We ended with two weeks of one hour lunchtime sessions, during which sponsors could build their plates. Everyone got their backplates with a set of printed instructions, after which they had to pick and choose appropriate bricks form containers provided.

LegoDarkKnighRisesPoster_byBrickForest_2All bricks were separated into boxes by colour and type.

All in all – the beckers built around half of the mosaic. The remaining plates and the frame was assembled by us over two weekend afternoons.

LegoDarkKnighRisesPoster_byBrickForest_6(click to enlarge) Left: Time to put the pieces together. Will they fit? | Right: They fit!

LegoDarkKnighRisesPoster_byBrickForest_7The finished piece was glued onto plyboard.

LegoDarkKnighRisesPoster_byBrickForest_9My wife, Ewa, in front of the finished TDKR mosaic in Double Negative.

The Stats

Size: 2m high and 1,5m wide.

Bricks: ~18000

Studs: 49512

Do you have any questions about the project or the process? Just ask in the comments below.

Money Bin – First Layer

In a previous post, I wrote about our idea of making a Lego Money Bin. Our jar of pennies finally filled up this week, so I quickly counted them all and ordered some Lego to get it started. In the end, there was only enough money for the baseplate and the first four layers of bricks.

I also decided to optimize the model that i showed in my previous post, to save some bricks. I cut off two layers from the height and four studs on each side, saving approximately 300 bricks.


As you can see I also started to add notes into the money bin so that the build can progress faster.

Kitten Mosiac

Earlier this year we took apart the Guild Wars Lego mosaic. We took two plates away and reshuffled the whites and greys to form a cat.

Cute little one, isn’t it?

BrickForest_lego_kitten_mosaic Continue Reading

Money Bin


We have a big glass jar of pennies in our living room. I thought it would be nice to make something out of Lego to keep them in instead. And what better way than Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin!?

MB_Main Continue Reading

Pac-Man Mosaic


It seems I am a gamer first and foremost. When we got a free plate and spare bricks the first thing I came up with is this Pac-Man approximation:

M_PacMan Continue Reading

Anno 1404 Warehouse – Completed



Anno-Warehouse2 Anno-Warehouse1

Finally managed to get it finished.

I still have to figure out how the ground should look and minimize some of the gaps in the bay windows. But I think it will wait until I get it built, so it is easier to see how it will look. Continue Reading

Anno 1404 Warehouse

With the LEGO budget being tight at the moment we have been exploring some project ideas.

We have a few mosaics planned that hopefully will materialize in near or far future, but in the meantime Benny has turned his attention to sculptures.

Anno 1404 is a great game and many of the designs would make great Lego sculptures.

First in line is a third generation (so Citizen’s Level) warehouse.

It’s interesting to experience the obstacles the bricks place when it comes to some of the proportions and curves. Continue Reading

Guild Wars 2 Mosaic

Guild Wars 2 Mosaic

This is a black and white version of the Guild Wars 2 logo. The game is going live in 4 days, and this is my celebration act for the impatient gaming community.

As this was my first mosaic I decided to keep it simple, yet fun. Hence the limitation of colours and moderate size (it’s 114cm wide). Continue Reading

First Order Arrives

If you ever wondered how many 1×1 LEGO plates you can fit in an ice-cream box, then it’s about 4000.

LEGO flavoured Ice-cream

These are the bricks I received today, together with 6 grey baseplates. As exciting as this is, I have to wait another few long days before I will be able to start building my first monochrome mosaic.

All together the 13 824 studs will be filled by approx. 4500 black and white plates, and form a logo of a upcoming on-line game.

Can you guess which one? More details to follow when all materials arrive.

How many 1×1 plates would it take to fill a bathtub?
Take a guess. Maybe one day I’ll have enough to check! Continue Reading

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