Anno 1404 Warehouse

With the LEGO budget being tight at the moment we have been exploring some project ideas.

We have a few mosaics planned that hopefully will materialize in near or far future, but in the meantime Benny has turned his attention to sculptures.

Anno 1404 is a great game and many of the designs would make great Lego sculptures.

First in line is a third generation (so Citizen’s Level) warehouse.

It’s interesting to experience the obstacles the bricks place when it comes to some of the proportions and curves.
So far Benny has finished the ground and first floor. For past two days he was trying to get the bay windows and window roof finished.

Since he could not recreate the steep roof above the window in this scale he ended up with various possible designs.

And then I got to put my seal on approval on one, that would make it to the final model.

As you can see some crates and barrels (and a cat!) have already been delivered, even though only a third of the model is done!

Next on Benny’s to do list: remainder of the roof and some of the interior (you can see it through the open windows and doors).

Anno 1404 Warehouse Stats (so far):

No. of Bricks: 2240
Colors: 8
Windows: 28  (40 elements)
Cats: 1

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