Guild Wars 2 Mosaic

Guild Wars 2 Mosaic

This is a black and white version of the Guild Wars 2 logo. The game is going live in 4 days, and this is my celebration act for the impatient gaming community.

As this was my first mosaic I decided to keep it simple, yet fun. Hence the limitation of colours and moderate size (it’s 114cm wide).

To save money, I decided to do the background black fill in 6×6 bricks, with a 3×2 bricks forming up the frame-edge. The white and grey 1×1 bricks are all on top of the black ones, as a second layer.

Since not all of the bricks arrived on time, I started building with what was available. Luckily there was enough to complete the frame and all pieces forming up the logo itself, leaving gaping voids on either side.

This is how the mosaic looked after two short evenings of work.

GW2 Mosaic WIP

This is how the mosaic looked after two short evenings of work.

The remaining bricks arrivedĀ  today allowing me to fill in the gaps. And so the Guild Wars 2 Mosaic is now complete.

Time to put the giant puzzle together.

Lessons Learned

There was a technical part to this mosaic too. A Proof of Concept in a way.

It took me through the whole process, form planing to putting it on the wall.
It all worked out pretty smoothly and there is little to be improved once I go onto a bigger piece.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind for the future:

  • The frame should be wider and thicker, to properly do it’s job.
  • 1×1 pieces are great, but for larger mosaics it’s certainly worth considering to also use bigger pieces.
  • 6×6 plates worked great as a binding force between baseplates. Worth using as a additional layer sometimes, but expensive!
  • My fingers didn’t appreciate all the brick pushing, neither did my wife’s for that matter, so maybe that’s one thing to look at.

And for you number people out there – these are the numbers behind the bricks:

First Brick

First Brick Down

Guild Wars Mosaic Stats

No. of Bricks: 4221, of which 3468 are white
No. of Studs: 13 824
Plates: 6 grey 48×48 plates
Real size: 114x76cm
Assembly Time: 5-6h

What next then? I have some bigger things in mind, but I’m curious to hear what kind of art you’d like to see turned into a Lego mosaic. So let me know in the comments!

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