Kitten Mosiac

Earlier this year we took apart the Guild Wars Lego mosaic. We took two plates away and reshuffled the whites and greys to form a cat.

Cute little one, isn’t it?


Lego Kitten Mosaic Stats:

No. of Bricks: 9216, of which 2367 are white
No. of Studs: 9216
Plates: 4 grey 48×48 plates
Real size: 76x76cm
Assembly Time: 1-2h

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2 Comments on "Kitten Mosiac"

  1. 让我们也挑战一下 美日韩吧~!要是美日韩敢参战 保证打到他们倒退250年~

  2. 想的太美了,打起来大家都不好过,还想帮你两条狗?

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