Lego Wind Turbine

A couple of months ago a local company that services and repairs wind turbines - GNL Service – contacted me me with an idea. They wanted a small present they could give their clients. And what better present, than a mini turbine made out of Lego?

After a couple of hours playing around in LDD I ended up with the design shown below.


It is a very simple design consisting only of 26 pieces.

Since its Lego, the client should obviously get the joy of putting the turbine together. So a simple manual has been created and is added to each small present package.

I have now sent off the first order of a 100 turbines, and have already received an order for a 100 more.

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5 Comments on "Lego Wind Turbine"

  1. Jacqueline White says:


    Can you tell me are these available to purchase from anywhere? I work with a gentleman who would like to aquire one, to add to his model collection after seeing a image of it on the internet if any possibility. Many Thanks

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